1) Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh rented a home from my company. They bounced a rent cheque, paid late and short paid when money was due almost every month they lived in the house. Then they broke the lease early. Weasels? We think so.

2) Greg Robb, Sabrina Singh and the bakery they own referred to as Sugarbuds signed a marketing agreement on March 27, 2011 with my company. My company spent a lot of money, used its valuable resources and helped re-launch the floundering business. They made one payment and said they are broke and can't pay anymore. Weasel move? We think so.

3) Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh were lent approx. $1255.28 to fly to Los Angeles to make a celebrity cake but have failed to pay the money back and ignore all invoices sent to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! True weasel move, yes.

4) An article on Sugarbuds Bakery in the West Hill Paper reported that the bakery entered a contest to make Hugh Hefner's cake and were picked as the "contest winner" over others. This is false. This is a bunch of crap. My company made the arrangements to make that cake through its connections in L.A. After reading the false story, i asked Greg Robb "Why not mention to the writer that my company arranged the making of that cake through our connections in L.A.? Greg responded, "It sounded better to say they won a contest and it made a better story than the truth." Is that a weasel move by Greg Robb? Yes, for sure. It is. He made up a contest to make it sound like they are this great bakery that beat out all these other bakeries to get the rights to make the cake. Does Greg lie? It seems so.

5) June 4th - a lawsuit was filed against Greg Robb, Sabrina Singh and 1815413 Ontario Ltd. in which my company is seeking payment for services rendered to the defendant.

6) Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh and 1815413 Ontario Ltd. defended the lawsuit launched by Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. In the statement of defence they filed, they claimed that their signature were forged!? I knew they were liars, but to stoop this low and actually say that signatures they both put on the agreement dated March 27th, 2011 were forged is the utmost in scummy and under-handed tactics.
Luckily, there are remedies to this type of crap such as handwriting experts.
Expensive but a great way to prove signatures are authentic.

7) The defence they filed was filled with bogus information, lies and other statements that can't be backed up and are easily dismissed.

8) In the first pre-trial meeting with the courts, Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh failed to attend. Instead they sent a lawyer. The judge was upset that the couple failed to show up to defend the allegations against them. Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. had considerable backup including letters from several witnesses, pictures, unpaid invoices, expense reports etc. etc. that easily proved its position. The lawyer for Sugarbuds Bakery was clearly overwhelmed at the case stacked against its client. The judge set another court date and ordered that the couple to attend.

9) When Advantage attended the next court session, again the couple didn't arrive and neither did the lawyer. Instead of defending the lawsuit that they both knew they would lose, Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh have both filed for personal bankruptcy. Weasel move? Yes, we think so.

10) Weasel Watch ran into a sign company recently who said that they built a sign for Greg Robb, Sabrina Singh and Sugarbuds Bakery (now closed) formerly located in Highland Creek. They installed the sign and once it was complete, the couple said they had no money to pay the sign company! Seriously? Order a sign that you know damn well you can't afford? Weasel Move? Yes, we think so.

11) Stay tuned for updates on the Sugarbuds Bakery (now closed) couple Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh that don't like to pay bills or honour agreements.