Eleanor Welsh, CEO of Skin Vitality seems to feel that signed agreements with people do not have to be honoured and that is why she is being named on WEASEL WATCH. Click the link to an agreement she signed Dec 4th, 2003 and you’ll see all the points to which she has agreed.

Eleanor Welsh, CEO of Skin Vitality ignores all points in the agreement in regards to access to my daughter. I have not had a proper visit with my daughter at my residence for over 2 years. When I pressed for access, Eleanor said “Ok, I’ll meet you this weekend to give you access, but when your daughter refuses to go with you – and she will refuse and if you try and force her to go with you, I’ll have you arrested and put your sorry ass in jail.”

Following that threat, I ceased all communication with my ex and have been hoping that she’ll wake up one day and realize the harm she is causing not only to me but to my daughter. Refusing access is a Parental Alienation tactic employed by a hostile parent enabling the hostile parent to minimize another parent’s influence in all aspects of a child’s life.

Eleanor Welsh, CEO of Skin Vitality moved my daughter to a new school without consulting with me and despite repeated messages to my daughter, her nanny and even Eleanor’s lawyer, she refuses to tell me what school she is attending. I’m her Father and I’m entitled to know how she is doing in school, attendance, etc. but Eleanor Welsh feels a Father has no right to such information or access?

Paul Cookson

PS: If your a victim of Parental Alienation, go to endalienation.com and get involved.